Color accuracy plays a major role in our everyday activities.  If the color of the light source isn’t accurate, it will throw off how we perceive all colors in our environment.  The decision to use a warm white, cool white, or a color-balanced light source in a room will dictate how object colors in that room will be perceived.  For instance, if a warm white lamp is used, the light washing across a white wall will appear orange/red in color.  If a cool white light is used instead, the white wall appears yellow/green in color. If a color-balanced light source is used, the white wall appears white in color.

Color balanced lighting is intended for all visual environments (with the possible exception of restaurants, where a warm, intimate setting is preferred.) There are tremendous benefits to color-balanced, full visible spectrum lighting in schools, offices, hospitals, doctor's offices, grocery and department stores, and even warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Below are two examples of what color balanced, color corrected lighting can do for retail environments. The unfiltered light is 3500K, which makes colors appear dull and dreary. When you place your cursor on each photo, you will see the difference that 5000K full spectrum light can make on the sales floor!

Move mouse cursor over each of the above photos to see the difference between the color emitted by 3500K light and 5000K light. Click on each picture to bring up a larger image for closer inspection.

Take A Closer Look...

In the above picture, a young lady is standing in a hallway adjacent to an open exam room door. Both the hallway and office are illuminated by 4100K fluorescent lights. All walls (hallway and office) have been painted a light pink. The hallway lighting has been filtered by NaturaLux™ filters, whereas the lighting in the exam room has not. In addition to the wall colors, compare the striking differences in the color of her hair, skin and clothing. While you're at it, compare the colors of the ceiling tiles too! To view a close-up of this photo, CLICK HERE or on the picture (above.)

Side-by Side Comparison: Cool White vs. NaturaLux

 See the Difference NaturaLux Filters Make in Your Office!

The photo (above) was taken with a digital camera of two side-by-side exam rooms in an ophthalmologist's office.  Cool white lamps at identical illumination levels illuminate both rooms.  The walls in both rooms are painted a light slate blue, and both rooms have identical charcoal blue colored carpet.  The room on the left is taken under cool white fluorescent light with a clear prismatic lens.  The room on the right is using the same cool white light, but it is being filtered through a NaturaLux™ Filter.  Which room appears brighter? Look at the ceiling tiles and walls in the room on the left compared to the right. The same fluorescent light that makes the room appear yellow/green also affects the color rendering of our skin, clothing, make-up and hair. You may click on the picture (above) or CLICK HERE for a better view.

We provide you with a glare-free, UV-absorbing, color-balanced light wherever you work, play and shop.

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