According to recent studies by the U. S. Dept. of Energy, and Cornell University, you can add to your bottom-line while creating a healthier, happier working environment!

Click HERE for 5 different studies by the DOE that illustrates how, by enhancing the spectral transmission (color of light) toward a "bluer" light, you can save 25-50% on your energy bill. NaturaLux™ Filters not only color-correct and color balance your ordinary fluorescent lights; they also spectrally enhance the light to boost the blue spectrum of light to optimize your energy savings.

The next question is: "How long will it take me to receive my return on investment (ROI)?" Below, simply enter the proposed amount it will cost you purchase and install NaturaLux™ Filters next to the "Total installed cost for the area" section. Next, enter the amount of your "Monthly cost for electricity (lighting only.)" Lastly, enter the "Expected % energy savings". You will quickly see what you can expect to save on your

• Monthly lighting energy expenses

• Annual energy lighting savings

• How long you can expect your "payback" to take

In addition to the energy-savings you will enjoy, there is also a return on investment (ROI) associated with making changes to your lighting that is designed to increase productivity, reduce error-rates and reduce absenteeism as well as "presenteeism" (workers who are present, but working well below their potential.) Much of the decrease in productivity can be blamed on poor sleeping habits (not getting enough quality sleep.)

Just how much revenue is lost each year from absenteeism and presenteeism? Estimates vary, but in 1997, losses to employers from sleep deprivation were reported to approach $18 billion per year. A more recent study estimates a loss of $1,967 per employee per year in lost productivity due to poor sleeping habits.

Typically, employers base buying decisions on the financial health of their company. When business slows, investments stop! Ergonomics is a business strategy that helps to reduce work-related visual problems, decrease rising workers' compensation expenses and increases productivity.

When making expenditure considerations, especially when it comes to making ergonomic changes, you are correct to ask:

  • Will it improve our revenues?
  • Will it reduce our costs?
  • Will it save us from punishment (e.g., government regulations, laws suits), embarrassment (e.g., bad publicity), or other negative outcomes?
  • Is it "the right thing to do?"

Below, you will find a second ROI calculator. This one reflects the cost savings as they relate to the ergonomic improvements to your lighting. Once again, simply enter the "Annual employee salary", then enter the "Estimated employee productivity gain as a percent", then enter the "Number of employees in this salary group", and lastly enter the "Investment required per employee."

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