According to the American Optometric Association, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is defined as the complex of eye and vision problems related to near work which are experienced during or related to computer use. These symptoms include: headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, fatigue, eyestrain, dry, irritated eyes, and difficulty refocusing the eyes.

The majority of video display terminal (VDT) workers (most studies indicate 50-90%) complain of these symptoms during their daily routine. Contrast that with those who complain of musculoskeletal disorders such as wrist problems (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), bursitis, and muscle strains. A study released by NIOSH indicates that only 22% of VDT workers suffer from musculoskeletal problems. In terms of the scope of this problem, a survey of optometrists indicated that 10 million eye exams are provided annually in the United States due to the visual problems caused by fluorescent lighting and its effect on VDT use.

If you are an employer or a human resources professional, you might be interested to know that studies suggest company profits can be increased by improving your lighting environment. It should also be noted that there is a direct COST associated with the headaches and eyestrain suffered by workers in terms of productivity, absenteeism and reduced accuracy. Typically, employees will report their glare-related complaints (caused by their lighting) to one of the following professionals:

  • Ergonomist
  • Certified Professional Ergonomist
  • Physical Therapist
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Worker’s Compensation & Safety Specialist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Occupational Safety Specialist
  • Risk Management Specialist

When such a report is made by an employee, it usually leads to a doctor visit, which means absenteeism. Absenteeism means loss of productivity. As you know, costs go up for companies when workers have to go to the doctor for an appointments. Employees go to these appointments to “fix the problem.” Employees will also take frequent breaks from their workstations to “try and get away from the problems.” Some employees are compelled to come in on weekends to catch up on the work they couldn’t accomplish due to these breaks and doctor appointments. Here are a couple of points to consider: Doctor visit: $100.00; Worker's Comp filing fee: $150.00. These two amounts do not begin to take into account the cost of loss of productivity, increased error-rate or absenteeism.

Read the results of a study that was performed by FairPoint Communications (7th largest phone company in the U.S.) which included the use of NaturaLux™ Filters. Ergonomics specialists agree that solving a worker's glare-related problems is not only good for the employee, it is good for the company because it greatly improves productivity, which adds $$$ to the company's bottom-line!

Please click HERE to view a video by Dr. Jeffrey Anshel, O.D. of Corporate Vision Consulting in Encinitas, CA as he is being interviewed on the topic of Computer Vision Syndrome.

A study that was performed by the Southern California College of Optometry in Fullerton, CA shows that VDT users experienced a "statistically significant decrease" in CVS symptoms when using our NaturaLux™ Filters.

When you consider the millions of Americans who are suffering daily from CVS, the loss of productivity, absenteeism, job dissatisfaction and general fatigue; making a simple and inexpensive change to NaturaLux™ Filters could well be the most important business decision you make this year.

If you want to add to your bottom-line, invest in NaturaLux™ Filters for your office today!

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