What IS Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation?

All visible light and ultraviolet (UV) light is measured in nanometers (nm).  Fluorescent lighting requires the use of UV radiation to produce visible light.  UV is present in three wavelength ranges:  UVA (320 to 400nm); UVB (280-320nm); and UVC (100-280nm). NaturaLux™ Filters absorb 100% of UVB and UVA up to 380nm. From 380nm to 390nm, they absorb 80-99% of UVA. From 390nm to 400nm, they absorb 50-80% of UVA.

See what happens to the UV absorption capabilities of the NaturaLux™ Filter when left outdoors for over nine (9) years in the sunshine and heat of Southern California...

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UV Absorption

Clear Acrylic Prismatic Lens

As you can see in the above photos, the Clear Prismatic Lenses, found in any home improvement center, allow at least 40% of UV rays to pass through.

NaturaLux™ Overlay Lens

The NaturaLux™ Parabolic Overlay Lens absorbs almost 98% of all UV rays.

NaturaLux™ Filters absorb twenty times (20X) more UV than ordinary clear lenses, providing far more UV protection!

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