Unsolicited Testimonials

"I work in an office that is approximately 170 square foot with high ceilings. I have 5 traditional 2 foot by 4 foot fluorescent light fixtures. My eyes are very sensitive to glare and bright light. By installing the NaturaLux filters along with true color bulbs and parabolic lenses, my office is completely changed. I went from wearing sunglasses indoors and straining to see documents and my computer screen to a very comfortable office setting. Clients do not notice a different level of light or an odd color in my office, and glare is a thing of the past. I am a very satisfied customer."

J. N.

Storm Lake Iowa.

"As an occupational therapist working with children with special needs, I have found that some of the children I work with are very bothered by the fluorescent lights that are in so many of our schools. Here are a few stories that I hope will encourage you to continue to tell people about your amazing product.

As a result of difficulty processing the light of fluorescent lights, one of the children I work with, who has autism, spent much of his time under the desk or covering himself with pillows in a corner. We found that he did better with the lights off, but this disturbed many of the other children. Now, with the NaturaLux Filters Overlay Lens, he is able to sit at his desk and engage in writing and reading activities.

Another little boy I work with who has cerebral palsy tended to frown much of the time. I discovered that he, too, was bothered by the fluorescent lights we had in our clinic. Once we covered the tubes with the NaturaLux tube covers, his frowning decreased and we noticed he was reaching to grasp things with more accuracy. Another bonus was this impacted his posture as well because he is holding his head more erect rather than down to keep the light out of his eyes.

The last location we have placed the NaturaLux Filters Overlay Lens was in the office where our therapists do their paperwork. One therapist, who is very sensitive to light, found that she has fewer headaches. We didn't know that the fluorescent lights were one of the sources of her pain.

I thought you would enjoy some stories that reflect on how well the NaturaLux Filters Overlay Lens and NaturaLux Tube Guards have worked for me on so many levels of my job. Thanks again for your recommendations."

J. H., OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Monrovia, CA

"I just wanted to get back with you to let you know how this went. It was so fantastic being able to sit inside of the meeting last night. I was inside with these lights for 3 hours and never did I have a problem. I was very nervous about being in the lights because I was inside before just 15 minute and I had a mini stroke. Once before I was in them for about 6 hrs and the stroke lasted 2 weeks before I could use the right side of my body.

This is so great. Also there were a number of people that responded about the difference that they felt with these. I appreciate you working with me on getting them here to Ecuador and I am extremely happy with the product.

Thank you again"

Janis P.


Ecuador, South America

"The light filters have helped me tremendously in my classroom. Previously, I would collapse on my desk from fatigue and weakness during my teacher preparation period and just try to keep myself going through the day. I also had a problem with burning of the skin due to immunosuppressive medication I am on for a connective tissue disease that gives me a hypersensitivity to UV rays. This is taken care of now too in my classroom.

The filters have helped students who have migraines and epileptic seizures from my classes as well.

I am very grateful to have them. I am not sure I could have continued working under the former conditions with 36 fluorescent lights in my classroom.

Unfortunately, many businesses are going to these lights, and we even may have to purchase these in our homes with new regulations if other options become unavailable to us. This is, then, a problem in many areas outside my classroom."

Sharon T.



It's a Miracle!

Your product has proven it's worth. Since installing the lenses, those with UV issues have completely recovered and no longer show any symptoms of UV exposure. Thank you so much for your help with this matter.

Thanks again,"

Christopher Hagan

Facilities Specialist

Intercontinental Hotels Group

"... the filters are working out very well.

The [child] with Juvenile Dermatomyositis would end the day with rash on her face and no longer has that situation. The [child] with Lupus would be exhausted at the end of the day and go home and sleep - that is no longer the case either.

There are two 3rd grade classes. The kids get green, yellow and red lights for behavior. So far this school year the filtered class has zero yellow/red lights - the other class has 10+ yellow/reds. Might be the make up of the kids to some degree. It would be interesting to filter the other class part way through the year and see what the difference is.

I'm a believer."

K. S.
(Location withheld at writer's request)

"My NaturaLux Filters are working great. I had no problem installing them, and having them over my head and around me with 26 4 foot fluorescent lights all over my house gives me great comfort that I am doing everything possible to keep me safe with my Lupus disease.

I routinely wear a large 4 inch brim cowboy hat when I go out shopping because all the large stores have nothing but unfiltered fluorescent lights everywhere. Walmart, Target and most other stores and fast food places are all blazing away with their fluorescent lights. At least at home I get to feel safe.

II am wondering when you will have filters for the spiral type bulbs that we are all going to be forced to have rather shortly. Also, I hear from a Home Depot worker that size (T)12 fluorescent bulbs are being fazed out by 2012, so I am looking at replacing 13 fixtures and 26 bulbs and also the NaturaLux Filters for all of them.

Thanks for everything,"

Bob L. (Lupus Patient)


"As for the filters, we haven't had any trouble with fading since we've installed them, so they're doing exactly what we needed them to do! We also took extra precautions to reduce fading according to your very informative section, "UV Radiation and Fading." I cannot stress how pleased I am with both the product and the service we have received."

Nathan G.


"I just wanted to let you know the light filters are working amazingly well! What a difference this makes to me! I no longer have to sit in the classrooms and suffer. Thank you sooo much for everything."

J. M. (Lupus Patient)


"I have never <written> to a retailer to explain my experience after purchasing a product. However, I feel compelled to write to you to let you know how satisfied I am with the NaturaLux Tube Guard Sleeves I purchased from your Seattle-distributor last Tuesday.

It has not even been a week, but it seems as if the migraine headaches, eye strain, facial tension, dizziness, etc. that I was experiencing from the fluorescent lighting in my office subsided almost instantaneously after installing the Tube Guards -- and the installation was very simple at that!

Quite honestly, I did not think the Tube Guards would work this well because I have been dealing with horrible pain and discomfort caused by fluorescent lighting for many years now, and have never been able to find an effective solution, despite my many efforts. Thankfully, I was proven wrong, as the Tube Guards work exactly as your website states: I took care of the problem at its source by installing the NaturaLux Filters; my productivity and morale has increased; glare and stress has decreased ... and NaturaLux Filters are indeed good for business!

Already, I have recommended the NaturaLux Filters to my co-workers and friends who deal with similar problems caused by fluorescent lighting. I am now a NaturaLux customer-for-life and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience I have had thus far!"

Renee B.


"I am writing to let you know how much I value the NaturaLux filters. I am a second grade teacher, and the filters were installed in my classroom this fall because I was experiencing some skin problems due to the fluorescent lights.

Since the filters were installed, I have not had the same problems with my skin. Your product eliminated a great source of anxiety for me, and created an environment in which I feel safe.


My students' reaction to the lights was quite amusing: knowing that my favorite color is purple, the girls were especially excited when they first saw the new lights. They thought it was a special decoration made just for me. One child commented that the soft, clear lighting made me look like a movie star!


I feel that the NaturaLux filters add to the peaceful learning environment that I try to maintain. In addition, I have noticed that the attentiveness of a child with ADHD seems to have improved. He completes his daily assignments and is a frequent participant in my lessons. Our recent conversation confirmed that your product is beneficial to students with a variety of learning problems.


Again, I want to thank you for creating a product that I enjoy, and for the personal attention you showed me as a customer. I recommend your filters with enthusiasm!"


J. S.,




"Received my order of the (2) Prismatic Panels at my residence last week. They came in perfect condition because they were packed to perfection. I put them in place and found them to fit like a glove. The bathroom has never before had such an extraordinarily perfect light. It brought a natural brilliance to the entire area. My wife even remarked that I did "the right thing". I showed my neighbors that same day and they were amazed at the results.

Thank you for your patience during the ordering process. You were extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend the product to anyone.

Cal Burrows,

New Jersey

“Just needed to let you know how wonderful the NaturaLux Light Filter you turned me onto works. My emotions were on the “swing” prior to purchase. I was an emotional bag.  I swear, after you installed the light covers, I felt better by the time I left work. I had a sense of happy stability. I kind of thought that these were just another gimmick, right?  NO!  Since then, I feel like a “normal” person. My office is abundantly full of stress and emotion on a daily basis. I wish more employees would purchase them. I have to thank you for turning me on to this brilliant product.  And I really like feature that I can take them with me and that I don’t have to purchase special bulbs.

The simpler the better for me. I thank you and so does my family.”

Helen K. Scollan,


“I wanted to let you know that the light filters really made a difference for me.  The first full day under them I didn't feel as horribly bad as I had been by late morning all other days.  My eyes aren't as strained.  No headache!  My rashes are much less.  Some lesions are actually healing now.  I don't seem to swell as much in my joints at the end of the day.  My life is still a daily struggle, but at least I can have a better chance of working full time in my office.  It's all the little things that make a big difference. 



Ms. Beth L. (Lupus Patient)
Software Engineer

“Panels are installed. My principal really noticed a difference. She is thinking of ordering them for the Life skills class. The light appears to have a calming effect. I've noticed a big difference in eye strain (less) after working on the computer all day.”

Ms. Linda Gray


“I used to take Advil™ from noon until 5 o’clock when I leave work – until the filters were installed!  It was amazing because I didn’t really notice it at first.  Then, all of a sudden, it dawned on me…I wasn’t reaching for the pills because I wasn’t having headaches anymore!  As a CAD engineer, the glare reduction is great.  Excellent product.”

Ana Rodriguez


“Being a Lupus patient myself, I learned the hard way about what UV rays does to the Lupus body! I am extremely sensitive to UV rays.  I spent many years in an office situation where fluorescent lighting was abundant. I came home every evening feeling as if I had the flu. I finally had to quit because my health became so bad. 


At home, I had a fluorescent light in my laundry room and noticed that when I spent a long time doing laundry, ironing, etc. I didn't just "get tired," I became exhausted. I was given one of your lenses for my laundry room as a gift from a friend who is an electrician. I now know the difference one lens can make. 


I moderate a Lupus support group and maintain a website with information on Lupus. I try to enlighten other Lupus patients about the dangers of UV rays and tell them about your protective lenses every chance I have.  I am constantly telling the people in my group that the reason they get so tired after a trip to Wal-Mart is NOT because they did a lot of walking, but because the store is full of UV rays from all the lighting fixtures. I encourage them to wear hats and suntan lotion even indoors.


Thank you ... thank you... you have made a difference in my life.”

Brenda "Rion" (Lupus Patient and Facilitator)
Orlando, FL

“I am pleased to recommend the shaded light panels recently installed in a classroom and in three office areas in Sierra Vista High School where I serve as the principal. When I became aware of this product, I immediately thought of one of my office staff members who had to turn off her lights in her office because of the glare, eye strain, and resulting headaches she experienced when the lights were on. These symptoms disappeared after only a few days after installing the panels in her office.

The health concerns associated with fluorescent lighting have been known for some time. I can only imagine the potential effects upon hundreds of school children each year. I wanted to see if these panels would have positive results in a classroom situation. In one of our classrooms where no natural light exists, I had the panels installed. The teacher and students in this classroom report much of the same positive feedback as from my office staff member - no glare, no eyestrain, no headaches (this teacher had also struggled with the effects of fluorescent lighting).


I cannot endorse this product more strongly. I believe student and staff health and performance will benefit and improve. I only wish I had the panels in every classroom and every office.”


Mr. Bill Garis, Principal
Sierra Vista High School

Las Vegas, NV 

“Thank you for the full spectrum light filter. I have always had light sensitive eyes and with two fluorescent lights directly above my desk, it became necessary to wear a “dealers cap” while working. After installing the filter, my eyes no longer feel the strain they normally did. Every office will be glad to have your product when they find out about it.

Keith H.


“After experiencing considerable eyestrain with my computer, I tried the Inspired Concepts filters and noticed considerable immediate results.  I plan to buy another one for my overhead fluorescent light.  I notice that my eyes do not feel as strained.  I thank you for your professionalism and personal service…”

Mr. Tom Racanelli
Website Administrator

“I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the African Violet plant that I have sitting on my desk really loves our new lights. Believe it or not, I have had this plant for over five years. It was given to me as a gift on Secretary’s day years ago. It was in a really small pot at that time. I have transplanted it two additional times. When I first received my plant it had beautiful purple flowers all around it. Well, in all these years that I have had this plant it had never flowered again until...you changed the covers on our lights. I have tried to feed it African Violet plant food thinking that would make it bloom. But it would never have any flowers on it. I could not believe it when I saw the purple flowers. My plant is so green and healthy looking. It is just amazing!!

Cathy Armstrong


“Just want to let you know the filters have really made a big difference in my face and head.  After a few days I could really tell the difference.  I had mentioned this to my Dr. and she seemed uninterested but after a couple of weeks she is impressed so thought you would like to know."

Thanks again,”

Ms. Barbara F. (Lupus Patient)


“Just wanted to touch base and let you know that the Tube Guards in my computer lab have definitely contributed to a reduction in my migraines!!  They haven't completely eliminated my headaches, but I know they've made a significant difference.  Thank you again so much for all your help in finding a solution that we could afford.”

Julie Cameron



“…the filters themselves are PERFECT for the job.  My wife and I adjusted them a few different ways, and settled on a particular angle (these are the diffusers that permit you to adjust brightness and the angle out of which the light shines from the T-8 tubes) as "just right".  Since then, when neighbors or family come into the house, they remark at how "perfect" the light in the kitchen is.  We don't even mention that we made a change.”

Dave H.

I just wanted to let you know I am pleased with the Naturalux light filters. They definitely make a difference especially when placed over a regular fluorescent bulb. They do greatly improve the quality of light as well as cut down the glare significantly. We are still evaluating the filters for use in our lighted inspection module. The feedback I have received so far is very positive... Thanks!

Leon B.


“I have had full spectrum lighting in my classroom for the last two weeks.  I have been really pleased with the quality of lighting in the room.  It’s been easier on my eyes and created a more comfortable atmosphere for my students.  I feel like it’s been helpful in creating more pleasant moods and contributing to student achievement.

I’ve spent some time talking to each of my six classes about the lights and asking for feedback.   In each class I usually had one student notice and point them out.  The general consensus by all was that they liked the look and feel of the lighting and they all agreed that the light was softer and easier to see in.


I’m really happy with the new lights.  I feel like they have been a positive contribution to my classroom.  I recommend the use of these lights in all classrooms.  When I point out the change to other teachers they are impressed with what they see and express their own desire to have them.  I think teachers across the district would be pleased to have these lights in the classroom.”




“I've had the new and improved lighting in my room for a month or more by now and I've been really happy with the change.  The lighting in my room is softer and easier on my eyes.  Also, the atmosphere in the classroom seems more inviting.  I've had students comment on how the room looks different and I've asked two of my classes how they liked it.  Most of the students hadn't realized a difference until it was pointed out to them and then most agreed the lighting was easier on their eyes.  I really feel like the new lighting has made a positive contribution to my classroom because it's put me in a pretty good mood!  And let's face it, when Ms. Walker is happy so is the rest of the group....”


Ms. Michelle E. Walker, Biology Teacher

“...I have already installed the diffusers. My two colleagues had no idea things could be so much nicer in their cubicles!"

Janet McKensey

Fiscal and HR Coordinator

OSU Alumni Association, Inc.





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