At the completion of its years of service, it is comforting to know that both the acrylic and polycarbonate plastic materials used in the manufacture of the NaturaLux™ Filters   Overlay Lenses and Tube Guard Sleeves are able to be completely recycled!  These products can be converted into "re-grind", to be mixed in with virgin plastic materials, or, if desired can actually be reduced back to their base monomers.

If a business were to replace all of their existing cool white bulbs with full spectrum bulbs, that business would have to make a substantial initial investment just to have the existing fluorescent bulbs properly recycled. Of course, that would be in addition to the cost of the full spectrum bulbs themselves (typically 4 times the expense of a standard bulb). And that does not take into account the man-hours needed to perform the task of replacing all of those existing fluorescent bulbs!

Using NaturaLux™ Filters with your existing fluorescent bulbs is not only environmentally prudent, it will also cost far less to achieve a full spectrum lighting, UV-Safe environment than by switching to full spectrum bulbs.

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